Divrei Chaim Speaker Series
Malena Jackson

We are excited to launch a five-part community series on kindness, integrity, curiosity, community, and purpose.

The first of our five-part Divrei Chaim Speaker Series will be on Tuesday, Oct. 30 from 7-8:30 p.m. in the AMCHA Judaic Library in the Upper Division. The entire community is invited to attend.

The Divrei Chaim, Hebrew for “words to live by,” serve as the foundation for our entire school community, including students, parents, and faculty. Our Divrei Chaim include kindness, integrity, curiosity, community, and purpose and form the basis for both character development as well as academic growth.

Each segment of the Divrei Chaim Speaker Series will feature a focus on one of the Divrei Chaim, highlighting its value in today’s world as well as its connection to Denver JDS. 

The first program will focus on “curiosity” and features keynote speaker Mark Schreiber, Stanford Fellow and founder of Design Case Consulting. Schreiber’s discussion will answer the question: Why is curiosity so essential to success in today’s world? 

With more than 15 years in technology, engineering, digital fabrication, and design, Schreiber is well versed in the integration of STEAM into schools. He consults for Stanford’s Graduate School of Education and the American School in Japan to help bring more design and innovation into classrooms worldwide. 

Schreiber is recognized as an outstanding educator and a leader in makerspace implementation. Most notably, he was named National Teacher of the Year by the Milken Family Foundation, known as the “Grammy of teaching awards.” He has sat on the NSF Creative IT panel, school boards, and currently curates for Google’s Startup Digest for all things Maker. He is also the inventor of the DesignCase, a maker lab in a box that teaches children and adults alike how to innovate blending low-fidelity materials and high tech know-how to create value and promote entrepreneurship.

In addition to Schreiber, there will be a panel of Denver JDS faculty including Alissa Ulitzky (second grade secular), Elaina Estreicher (third/fifth grade Judaic), Dr. Jeremy Golubcow-Teglasi (Upper Division social studies), and Eric Einstein (Lower Division technology and K-12 creation space).

Future speaker series dates and topics include “purpose” on Dec. 4, “community” on Jan. 21, “integrity” on Mar. 4, and “kindness” on May 16.

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