What does it mean to be heart healthy?

What does it mean to be heart healthy?
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Matan Halzel

By Jordana Weinberg, Lower Division PE teacher

February is known as Heart Health Awareness Month. In our Lower Division physical education classes, we have been discussing what does it mean to be heart healthy? How can we lead physically active and healthy lives? Our students  have discussed the concepts of heart rate, pulse, and how our blood and oxygen travel from our lungs to the heart and out to the rest of our bodies. 

According to the American Heart Association, it is recommended that kids receive 60 minutes of activity/exercise daily, and adults between 30 and 60 minutes daily. The students discussed some examples of cardiovascular activities they can do and incorporate in their daily lives. Some examples are:
Playing sports
Jumping rope

So get out there! Let your child(ren) help in leading an active heart healthy life! And let’s tackle heart disease together! As young learners, now’s a great time to teach them about the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle. Remind them the next time they are watching TV or playing video games to add in 10 push ups or crunches or burpees when a commercial comes on. Most importantly, be the example for them. Get down and do those exercises with them. Take an extra helping of veggies next time at dinner. Let your child(ren) see you leading an active healthy life, and let that sink in for a stronger and healthier next generation. 

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