The Farmette at DJDS continues to grow

The Farmette at DJDS continues to grow
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Matan Halzel



By Matan Halzel, Marketing Manager


As the 2020-21 school year drew to a close, Denver Jewish Day School Farmette Manager, Pallas Quist could only smile as she looked at what the Farmette at Denver JDS had become. The Farmette had grown leaps and bounds - literally and figuratively. What started as a space next to the Upper Division building with a few flowers and crops being planted, had now turned into a flourishing outdoor classroom, a popular summer camp site, a home to nearly 25 animals, and most importantly, a space for Denver JDS families, teachers, and community members to grow as people. 

Earlier this year, Ms. Pallas decided that she was ready to move back to Costa Rica. Though she was beyond excited for her move, one of the things that she has reiterated she will miss most about her Denver life is the Farmette at Denver JDS and all of the memories that she has made during her time here. “I know that I have touched and impacted many lives during the past couple of years on the Farmette,” said Ms. Pallas. “What brings me the most joy is seeing how much the Farmette has grown and that it has become such a central part of the DJDS culture.”


Ms. Pallas enjoying cupcakes with students on one of the last days of school during the 2020-21 school year. 


Thanks to a vast group of helpful volunteers, energetic summer campers, a newly-formed Farmette committee including students, parents, and even teachers, the Denver JDS Farmette has flourished over the past couple of school years. As Ms. Pallas started to plan for her next chapter, the Farmette caught the attention of our new and current Denver JDS Farmette Manager, Alix Kivlin. Alix joined the Denver JDS mishpacha (family) back in April, and she worked with Pallas for a few months before her move to learn all about the importance of the Farmette in the DJDS community.

“The Farmette and the overall community at DJDS immediately stood out to me when I discovered this position,” said Alix. “I was so excited to see that so much student life and school curriculum was tied into the Farmette. The Farmette truly has an identity in a variety of ways on this campus.”

Alix has been running the fully sold-out Farmette Camps at DJDS this summer, organizing regular volunteer and meet-up evenings, devoted herself to a plethora of farm tasks, and is continually getting to know the many integral families of The Farmette. Now that summer is coming to a close, she is looking forward to shifting to the school year and all of the new activities and hands-on projects that come with it.

“I am thrilled to be building on what Pallas and this incredible community have started,” gushes Alix. “It has taken countless hours of volunteering and hard work to get the Farmette to where it is now, and I only intend to see this space continue to flourish!”

Alix has a lot in store for us and a big vision with The Farmette ranging from teaching consistent Tochnit Breiut classes with the Upper Division, animal expansion construction projects, incorporating nature-focused art into classes, and creating engaging events for the Denver JDS families. There will be lots to discover and unveil at The Farmette kick-off meeting Monday August 23rd after school, everyone is encouraged to attend! 

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