Teacher Profile - Get to know Ms. Wolf

Teacher Profile - Get to know Ms. Wolf
  • Lower Division
Matan Halzel

By Ms. Mel Wolf, Kindergarten Teacher

Tell us about yourself:

I graduated from Magnet High School for the Arts in 2009 in Tampa Bay, Florida. I studied creative writing and developed a strong love for self-expression and written words. Upon graduation, I made Aaliyah to Israel. I lived on a Kibbutz, milking cows and studying Hebrew while I acclimated to my new home. My intention was to remain in Israel for 6 months when in actuality, I ended up staying for over six years. I drafted into the IDF as a Moshakit Tash (like an army social worker). I served for two years and when I was released, I knew I still wasn't ready to leave the amazing country I called home. Israel was still calling me. I pursued a degree in Psychology with a focus on Child Development at IDC in Herzliya. After graduation, I decided to move back to the United States, to be closer to my family. Upon doing so, I attained licensure as a Behavioral Therapist, working with children on the Autism Spectrum. From there, I worked my way up to managerial positions. I also managed a Crisis Team for individuals with Developmental Disabilities (DD), as well as Intellectual Disabilities (ID). I continued serving the DD/ID community while immersed in an incredible Israeli community in Los Angeles. Once again, I felt myself being called to be closer to my family, so I chose to relocate to Colorado (where my family has recently established as "home-base").

Why do you work at Denver JDS?

I live my life led by my intuition and the calling of Hashem. I typically "know" where I am meant to be. As of late, I have been feeling a strong calling to bring my skills and love of serving, back into the Jewish community. I was raised in Jewish day schools and summer camps, and I always knew that ultimately, my path would cross again with the Jewish community. I have spent the greater part of the last decade teaching in some capacity or another and I felt that becoming a part of the Denver JDS community would be mutually beneficial both for myself and the students I will work with. It is a great honor and a privilege to be shaping young Jewish minds, within the container of this amazing family.

Ask me about: (interesting hobbies, etc.)

Traveling - Literature - Astrology - Child Development - Israel

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