Teacher Profile - Get to know Mr. Thayer

Teacher Profile - Get to know Mr. Thayer
  • Lower Division
Matan Halzel

By Mr. Jim Thayer, Lower Division Physical Education Teacher

Tell us about yourself:

I moved to Colorado in 2012 for a Master's degree in Education from CU Boulder and the mountains kept me here! Growing up, I lived in New Jersey and then Rhode Island where I went to the University of Rhode Island. Since moving out to Colorado, I have had quite a variety of jobs, but teaching and coaching have always pulled me back into the classroom. Prior to Denver JDS, I was a substitute teacher at Colorado Academy and a JV baseball coach at Legacy High School.

Why do you work at Denver JDS?

I am a huge fan of the culture and the inclusion that I've seen here at Denver JDS. All walks of life are welcome and the class sizes make it so manageable to teach and work on fun new skills and activities! It goes without saying that the students are terrific and always ready to participate and learn exciting new games and skills. 

Ask me about: (interesting hobbies, etc.)

I am a huge fan of baseball, particularly the Cleveland Indians, but I love the history of the game too! I still play in a men's baseball league on Sundays as well as softball two nights a week. A useless skill I like to show off is knowing all the World Series teams (winners and losers) from last year all the way back to about 1986 or so! I am also an avid skier, hiker, and general outdoor enthusiast like so many of us here in Colorado.

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