Teacher Profile - Get to know Mr. Guss

Teacher Profile - Get to know Mr. Guss
  • Lower Division
Matan Halzel

By Mr. Alex Guss, 5th Grade Teacher

Tell us about yourself:

Hailing from the great plains and open vistas of Oklahoma, I have seventeen years of experience teaching students from third through sixth grades in community schools as well as open classrooms, and multi-aged settings. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education from Northeastern State University and pursued Urban Education Studies at the University of Tulsa. 

Why do you work at Denver JDS?

My passion for education is inspired by many great teachers whom I have had the privilege to learn from and practice with, as well as by my students, who continue to instill in me a hope for a brighter future and kinder humanity. I instantly felt a connection at Denver JDS to continue my teaching journey, and this incredible community has welcomed me as one of their own. 

Ask me about: (interesting hobbies, etc.)

I live in Aurora with my wife, three daughters, and my father. I like to spend my time exploring local mountain drives, playing card games, bicycling, hiking, recuperating from said biking and hiking, reading books, having long discussions, and watching the rain, snow, or sunshine fill the air. I’m also happy to talk about sports at any time.

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