Summer Camp at DJDS was a huge success

Summer Camp at DJDS was a huge success
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Matan Halzel

By Matan Halzel, Communications Coordinator


In a summer that has been unlike any other, 40 campers over a two-week stretch had the opportunity to press pause and enjoy a safe and thrilling summer camp experience at Denver Jewish Day School. 

“I wish this camp was still going until school starts,” said a camper from Adventure Leadership Camp. Another camper from Farm Camp told their mom after leaving on the last day of camp, “I wish this camp lasted for the rest of my life.” 

Summer Camp Director, Josh Lake was on a mission this summer to provide his campers with a safe and fun experience. Now that the two weeks of summer camp at Denver JDS have concluded, he knows that he has succeeded. 

Summer Camp Director, Josh Lake getting ready for a day of camp with a thermometer and mask.

“Every day, I was observing our camps and it made my day to see the pure joy on
all of our campers’ faces,” said Summer Camp Director, Josh Lake. “Each morning, my day started with taking each camper’s temperature, providing each camper with hand sanitizer, and making sure their masks were suitable for camp. Our counselors did an incredible job of helping campers maintain social distancing and keep their masks on, and I can proudly say that every camper and counselor stayed healthy
and safe during our summer camps,” added Josh.

What provided Josh Lake with the most satisfaction was knowing that these camps brought a certain degree of normalcy back into these campers’ lives. Normally, there are 10-15 camps over the course of the entire summer offered at Denver JDS. The pandemic seriously altered the course for many camps across the country, but Denver JDS was able to accommodate and safely provide two weeks of camp for campers. 

“Summer is supposed to be the time for smiles and non-stop laughter at camps,”
said Josh Lake. “I’m happy that we were able to make that happen even for just a couple of weeks.”

As Denver Jewish Day School now shifts toward continuing to make necessary preparations for their 20-21 school year, the school’s leadership was thrilled to see life and laughter return to its campus, while following all of the guidelines from the state of Colorado.

“It gave me hope for this upcoming school year,” said Camp Counselor and Denver JDS Student Council President, Jonathan Kochavi. “Seeing these counselors coming up with non-stop fun activities every day, and watching kids just having fun with everything going on, it was a welcoming experience.”

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