Student D'var Torah by Ilana Jacobs: Toldot

Student D'var Torah by Ilana Jacobs: Toldot
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Malena Jackson

This week’s parashah is Toldot. In the parashah, Jacob and Esav are born. Jacob went on to lead the Jewish people and Esav went on to lead the Muslim people. Today, we don’t even realize in our day-to-day lives that the lives of our Forefathers, one of whom is Jacob, developed the traditions we have today and contributed to Judaism today. 

Ever since the creation of Judaism, it seems that Jews have been easy targets for discrimination and antisemitism. Briefly, I would like to focus on the word “antisemitism.” As defined in the Oxford dictionary, antisemitism is defined as hostility to or prejudice against Jews. How many other religions have a word in the dictionary defining hatred toward their people? Last I checked, there are none. After the atrocities brought onto the Jews by Hitler and the Nazi Regime, Jews around the world said, "Never again.” However, on October 27, a gunman killed 11 people in the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, one of whom was a Holocaust survivor. The shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue was the first shooting targeted toward Jews in the United States. On Wednesday night in L.A., a shooter opened fire in a bar and killed a survivor of the 2017 Vegas shooting. In only 404 days, a man survived one shooting, only to die in another. 

Living in fear, as we are today, is not how anybody wants to live their lives. We need to work together to create a solution to end violence towards our fellow Jews, and everyone else living on this planet. Remember, the good in the world will generally outweigh the bad. Shabbat Shalom. 

This week's student d'var torah was written by Ilana Jacobs, a 10th grader at Denver JDS.

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