Student D'var Torah by Emi Asarch: Vayera

Student D'var Torah by Emi Asarch: Vayera
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Matan Halzel

This week's parashah is Vayera. In this week's parashah, it starts off with G-d revealing himself to Abraham three days after his circumcision. Abraham was ninety-nine years old when he had his circumcision. Even though Abraham was still recovering he didn’t hesitate to make a meal for three guests in his home. The three guests were angels disguised as people and Abraham makes matzah for his guests. The three guests tell him and Sarah that they will have a son in exactly one year. That son’s name was Isaac. At the end of the parashah after Isaac is born, Abraham is told by G-d to sacrifice Isaac to test Abrahams devotion. He was about to sacrifice him but an angel stopped him and replaces Isaac with a ram. A quote I found interesting was “Abraham hastened into the tent to Sarah, and said, “Quick, three seahs of choice flour! Knead and make cakes!” Genesis (18:6). I found this quote interesting because it is talking about how Abraham was still recovering but he doesn’t care. He still takes the time to make food for his guests, and I think we should all follow his example. Not just get up from your own recovery but to try and do our best whenever we can.
Thank you for listening and Shabbat Shalom!

This week's student d'var torah was written by Emi Asarch, a seventh grader at Denver JDS.

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