Student D'var Torah by Claire Appel: Lech Lecha

Student D'var Torah by Claire Appel: Lech Lecha
  • Weekly D'var Torah
Claire Appel, Denver JDS 8th Student

This week’s parashah is Lech Lecha. In this parashah, Abraham is living in a land where everyone is worshipping idols and obeying stones. This didn’t really work for Abraham because he didn’t enjoy it, and he believed in something else. He set off searching for a creator who possessed the ability to create. At first, he was met with scorn and the rest of the world laughed at his ideas. Not just a couple people laughed, the whole world laughed. Abraham ignored them and continued to attempt in spreading his message. In this situation, Abraham is “swimming against the tide.” The tide is what everyone else believes and Abraham is going against it and doing what he believes. Doing something like this is never easy, considering the fact that Abraham was one against the world, but the most important part was the courage it took. Abraham had the determination, courage, and audacity to stand up against the world with his “ridiculous” ideas. This is teaching us to always do what we believe in, no matter what. It doesn’t matter what people say and think, it matters what you believe in. Always do what you believe in and remember to stand up for what you believe in. Thank you and Shabbat Shalom.

This week's student d'var torah was written by Claire Appel, an eighth grader at Denver Jewish Day School.


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