Stop what you're doing - and READ! Celebration of Literacy Day at Denver JDS

Literacy Day at Denver JDS 2019
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Matan Halzel
Literacy Day at Denver JDS 2019

By Judy Rath, Lower Division Librarian

This Friday, February 1, our Lower Division students will participate in a Celebration of Literacy Day. Each year this day serves as a reminder of the power of books in the lives of our young students. From celebrating favorite characters, to chatting with authors, to simply listening to an adult share a book out loud — the day brings a feeling of joy about books!

Often parents wonder how they can foster a love of books and reading at home with their children. In fact, simply reading aloud to them is one of the most important things you can do with your child! You provide a model of fluent, expressive reading and help them see that reading is a pleasurable experience.  

Beyond reading aloud, here are a few other tips to encourage your young readers…

  • Don’t leave home without it. Bring books along any time your child has to wait, such as in the car, at the doctor’s office or at a sibling’s practice.  Always have a book handy to fit in some reading time! 
  • Help with book selection. Young readers should aim to choose books at an appropriate level to ensure successful reading experiences. At the same time, allow your child a lot of flexibility in choosing the genre and style of books to encourage positive wide reading experiences.
  • Make books special. Take your kids to the public library, have them get their own library card, take them to the bookstore (even if just to browse), give books as gifts, have a favorite place for books in your home, and a special comfortable spot to read them. 
  • Talk about what you see and do. Discuss everyday activities, things watched, visiting somewhere new, etc. Then encourage your child to explore more about the topic of interest through books.
  • Set an example. Let your child see YOU reading (books, magazines, newspapers, etc.) or listening to an audiobook. Talk about favorite books and authors with them, andh elp them see that reading is important and enjoyable! 

At Denver Jewish Day school we work to develop a love of reading every day, and look forward to highlighting books in a special way this Friday. For more reading resources, check out the Parent section of the DJDS Library website.

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