New Teacher Profile - Cooper Kaminsky

New Teacher Profile - Cooper Kaminsky
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Cooper Kaminsky

By Cooper Kaminsky, Upper Division Drama Teacher

Tell us about yourself:

I graduated from Berklee College Of Music in 2014 with a major in Professional Music and an emphasis on independent music business, songwriting, and drama. After higher education in Boston, I spent some meaningful time working in New York City where I was active in my craft; acting in two plays with the NYC Fringe Festival, featured concerts at Rockwood Music Hall, and other dramatic workshops.

Since moving back to Denver, I have been a force in our diverse Arts and Culture community. In 2020, I had the honor of receiving a theatre nomination from our regional Henry Awards for my performance as Miss Trunchbull in Sasquatch Theatre's production of Matilda The Musical. Aside from acting and instructing young artists, I have also been a featured performer and educator at the Denver Art Museum, as well as many other venues virtually and in person.

Why do you work at Denver JDS?

As an alumnus of DJDS, I am so elated and honored to be a fresh addition to the current teaching staff. Growing up in this community, I have seen so many students possess rich, creative talent and it is a privilege to be providing students with the opportunity to creatively express themselves in class, on stage, and in their lives. It is a joy to bring The Arts into the classroom, and add something very special to our exemplary DJDS education.

Ask me about: (interesting hobbies, etc.)

I am passionate about 60's/70's rock, craft coffee, magic and mysticism, travel, and poetry. Ask me about all of this and more!

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