Meet the Jacobs Family

Meet the Jacobs Family
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Written by The Jacobs Family


Tell us a little bit about your family:

We are the Jacobs and all 5 of us (Alan, Jennifer, Ian - 10th grade, Lexi - 4th grade and Nilla - Lagotto Romagnolo -  our hypoallergenic 1 y/o puppy) moved to Greenwood Village, Colorado from Palo Alto, California.  We arrived in Colorado just a little over 2 months ago. 

Currently, Alan is the President and Chief Medical Officer for Hemostemix, which is developing an FDA approved stem-cell treatment for vascular disease.   Jennifer is the Chief Business Officer for IDx, which has developed the first and only (to date) FDA cleared device using AI (artificial intelligence) to make a diagnosis (diabetic-related retinopathy.)  Alan is an electrical engineer, physician (trained as a neurosurgeon) and scientist.   Previously,  Alan and Jennifer co-founded a health-care technology company in their garage in Palo Alto to make medication dispensing safer in retail pharmacies and inpatient care facilities. Ian helped test the initial prototypes in the garage, while Lexi played with breadboard circuits on Alan’s lap.

All the Jacobs are makers and are all helping to develop 3 new and different products in the maker space in their basement.  Alan, Ian, and Lexi are expert skiers and can’t wait to use their season passes.  Jennifer loves the theatre, trips to NYC, cooking and traveling, and is looking forward to planning lots of ski trips!  

Ian is an actor and is looking forward to taking classes at the DCPA this fall.  Lexi also likes acting, as well as, cooking, gymnastics, karate, and art.  Lexi, Ian, and Alan just started to learn how to jet ski and have been discovering the beauty of Cherry Creek Reservoir. Jennifer has been exploring different farmers' markets around and in Denver and learning to cook at high altitude.

Now we start the process of shul shopping!

We’re looking forward to meeting and getting to know Denver JDS families, regardless of the grade!  So, if you see us around, please stop by and say “Hi!”.

Tell us about how you came across Denver Jewish Day School:

Once we decided we were going to move away from California, we needed to decide where to move.  Our first priority was locating a school with a great community.  We narrowed the possible locations to Boston (where we have family & friends)  and Denver (no family or friends).  Boston looked very promising as Alan grew up there and had a solid network of friends and family, at least until we started looking at schools. We did internet searches to identify potential schools.  Boston had a good selection of schools, but once we spoke with Shayna Friedman, we never looked back.  We arranged for the kids to meet some kids in their prospective classes followed by shadow visits the next day.  Our kids liked the Denver JDS students they met, and they liked the teachers and felt welcomed at the school.  Lexi wanted to move to Denver immediately and finish the school year at Denver JDS.  We were sold.  We bought a house in Greenwood Village and are now trying to finish moving into our new home.

Tell us about your favorite part of the Denver JDS community thus far:

The school’s administration and faculty and its community are our favorite parts.  They’re so integrated for us.  We love and so greatly appreciate the warmth and genuine caring that the school showed us from beginning the application process to understanding each of our kids and who they are and what they each need to be successful academically and socially.  Each of our kids' teachers are sincerely committed to our children’s success.  We were blown away by each of the back to school nights and by Avi’s dedication to transparency.

The first families we were introduced to so embraced us, that even though we were moving to a town without any family or friends in the area, we quickly felt like we were home.  We had people referring us to summer camps, helping introduce us to other Denver JDS families and kids, and recommending doctors to us.  We’ve even had invitations to the first night of Rosh Hashanah which means the world to us as we like to be with other families and our place or theirs on all the holidays.

We would recommend Denver JDS to other families because of its mission of providing a program strong in both social-emotional and academic training and because of Denver JDS’ amazingly warm, inviting and inclusive community.  Thanks to all of you for making this a smooth transition for us!

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