Denver JDS has been re-accredited by ACIS

Denver JDS has been re-accredited by ACIS
  • Head of School/CEO
Avi Halzel


By Avi Halzel, Head of School/CEO

When you select a school for your child or re-enroll in one, it is wise to consider the school’s indicators of success and adherence to a high level of standards. With Denver JDS you can consider a number of powerful indicators of success including:

  • The growth and accomplishments of DJDS students.
  • The colleges to which DJDS students get accepted and the amount of financial aid they are awarded.
  • The unique and lifelong benefits that a Hebrew/Judaic and Jewish values-based program provide our students.

An important indicator of an independent school's adherence to high standards is typically judged through the process of school accreditation. The accrediting body for independent schools in Colorado is the Association of Colorado Independent Schools (ACIS).

I am proud to announce that, following a rigorous multi-year process, Denver JDS was re-accredited by ACIS. Click here for more information on why ACIS accreditation matters.

Accreditation through ACIS is an in-depth process that includes a comprehensive evaluation of all aspects of the school by outside experts and a review of our adherence to a set of rigorous ACIS standards.  Every 10 years, schools that are accredited by ACIS must undergo a thorough re-accreditation process which begins with the creation of a self-study report followed by a week-long visit by a visiting team of expert educators. The visiting team then drafts a report for the school that contains both commendations and recommendations. The school takes a year to work on the recommendations and respond back to ACIS about what has been accomplished.  Re-accreditation is granted only after a school has satisfactorily followed through on the recommendations.  Our response to ACIS was submitted to the Accreditation Committee in December. The Accreditation recommended that Denver JDS be re-accredited and the ACIS board officially granted our re-accreditation last week. 
The re-accreditation process is a very positive and reflective endeavor that affirms fidelity to our mission, provides school accountability, confirms our strengths, and focuses our efforts on improvement. Most importantly, accreditation through ACIS is a powerful indicator of our school’s success and adherence to a high level of standards.

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