Denver JDS 5th grader builds his own computer

Denver JDS 5th grader builds his own computer
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Matan Halzel

By Denver JDS parent Jeff Ward and Denver JDS 5th grader Adin Kobrin

What made you want to build a computer?
I built a PC because I want to be a computer engineer when I am older.

What did you learn from building the computer?
I learned what all the different pieces do, like the power supply and the memory cards and the graphics card and mother board. The mother board basically supports everything and creates the computer from the other components.

What are your favorite parts on the computer?
The first thing I bought was a PC case, which is black and white, with lights inside it. Next I bought the keyboard that flashes rainbow colors across each letter. The next thing I bought was the mouse, which also glows, and is really comfortable in my hand. There is also a central processing unit, which is like the brain of the computer, and the solid state drive for my files.

Jeff: How long did it take to put all the parts together?
Adin: It took me about three hours.

Jeff: How did you know what to do?
Adin:My stepdad Jeff helped me, and he builds satellites for a living.

Jeff:What tools did you use?
Adin: A screwdriver is all.

Jeff: Did it work the first time you turned it on?
Adin: Yes, the first time I turned it on, it worked perfectly. I was surprised because it is uncommon that it comes on and works on the first try. 

Jeff: Why not just buy a computer?
Adin: Because it is a fun experience to build your computer, and I want to do that for a living, so this was a good place to start.

Jeff: What advice would you give someone wanting to build their first computer?
Adin: First buy the fun stuff! No, I’m kidding. First find someone who has done it before to guide you through the process.

Jeff: Anything else?
Adin: Nothing for now, but be sure to check out my YouTube channel:


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