An open letter from a DJDS senior - Eitan Kochavi

An open letter from a DJDS senior - Eitan Kochavi
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Eitan Kochavi

By Eitan Kochavi, Denver JDS Senior


Today is day 43 of quarantine and I think that I am really starting to feel it for the first time. Luckily, unlike many others, my family and friends have been healthy, and fortunately my parents have the ability to work from home. However, with the quarantine, it seems like my life has flipped upside-down and everything that I thought I knew went out the gutter. One nice fact is knowing that I can always look around to the rest of my class, as well as my community, for solace.

What makes this quarantine so disappointing for me has been the missing opportunities from senior year. It seems like each day something else gets cancelled: Color war, the out-of-town Shabbaton, baseball season, or graduation. It seems like we waited our turn each year to get this chance and the wait has been for nothing. Most of the seniors are missing Color War the most, as it was supposed to be an opportunity for us to be leaders here at the school. Some miss the Shabbaton, but thankfully, because it is in late May, we still are optimistic that we may have some sort of event. I miss the baseball season, and I miss getting to hang out in the dugout with the best people in the world (Go Tigers!!).

For me, the most difficult part is understanding that high school is over. I make my college decision within the next few days, and classes end this week. Without these school events, we are left with little time, and with little time comes less opportunities to say goodbye. For many of us, it will be our last time living in Colorado, and for even more of us, these are the last few months living at home. Having it all change in a matter of days is irritating, and it feels as though those opportunities that we were promised were ripped from our hands. 

However, as the world continues to adapt, we understand that as the oldest students in the school, it is for us to support what we know to be the best decision. We understand the importance of social distancing, and we hope that everyone in the school continues to stay at home. We understand that while we feel like victims, the true victims are the unemployed, the hungry, the sick, and the needy. We continue to stay optimistic and we hope that the community here in Denver is healthy.

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