Alumni Profile - Eric Horwitz

Alumni Profile - Eric Horwitz
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Eric Horwitz, Class of 1985

By Eric Horwitz, Denver JDS Alum (Class of 1985)



Dreams are the picture but real life is the expression. Eric Horwitz, RMHA alum of the class of 1985, and now industry-leading career and life coach has spent the past fifteen years uncovering the hidden and expressed dreams of his clients and challenging them to bring their goals out to action.

Eric transforms executives and team leaders to think differently about their hiring process, team building, and internal company political health in order to make businesses blossom. Through spending the first twelve years of his life working as a Senior HR Consultant at PriceWaterHouse Coopers, Eric gained a deep understanding of how companies organize and operate. Although climbing the career ladder was on the surface a desire for Eric, he flipped the script became his first client by realizing and actualizing his dreams as a career and life coach. 

Eric has worked with organizations such as Goldman Sachs, LVMH, the White House, and Michael Bloomberg. He also takes on entrepreneurs across the spectrum including banking, non-profit, tech and anyone who is struggling with a dream. Eric is the chair of the board of the The Generations Project, an initiative focused on helping LGBTQ individuals learn their forgotten history. He also is the leader of the Columbia University Career Coaching Network which offers alumni access to quality coaches to further their career.

Growing up as an Orthodox Jew in Denver Colorado, with a graduating class of three people (the first-ever graduating class from RMHA), helped Eric retain a sense of individualism and confidence, that he carries every day in the bigger wider world.  But wherever he goes, he is still most proud of his two wonderful children who are the product of two RMHA graduates and are of course avid Bronco fans.  And also the fact that he brought Color war to RMHA and never lost once (just saying)!

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