3 DJDS High School boys headline GW Varsity Golf Team

3 DJDS High School boys headline GW Varsity Golf Team
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Matan Halzel

From left to right: Levi Engbar (sophmore), Avi Cohn (junior), Ben Brunschwig (junior)


By Matan Halzel, Marketing Manager


For the third year in a row, Denver JDS juniors Ben Brunschwig and Avi Cohn have claimed spots on the George Washington (GW) High School Varsity Golf team. In addition to Ben and Avi, this is DJDS sophomore Levi Engbar’s first year on the GW Varsity Golf team. Levi serves as the primary ‘swinger’ between Varsity and JV for GW golf. 

“This is an incredible accomplishment for these three young men,” said DJDS Athletic Director, Josh Lake. “We have seen a consistent rate of involvement of young male and female student-athletes at DJDS playing for GW Varsity golf, tennis, and football teams. But this really stood out to me, and I could not be more proud of all three of them and all of their hard work.”

Ben Brunschwig began playing golf in 6th grade, and he’s been playing consistently ever since. During Ben’s freshman year, he was the only freshman to make the Colorado 4A State Championship. During Ben’s sophomore season in the Varsity Cup, he made an eagle, and as it currently stands, Ben’s handicap is at a stunning 6.5. 

Following the conclusion of this year’s tryouts, Ben sealed the top spot on the Varsity team after shooting the best score. His coach approached him after tryouts and told him that he secured the top spot. “It was truly an honor, and I was humbled to hear it,” said Brunschwig. “I was excited to push myself and compete against many talented teams this season.”

Avi Cohn first started playing golf competitively in 7th grade, but he has been around the game for a long time. Avi’s handicap stands at 12.5, which stands at third-best on the GW Varsity golf team. At the beginning of the 2021 season at Kennedy golf course, Avi shot a career-high 43 on the front nine. 

This year’s golf season started on August 4th, when tryouts took place for the GW Varsity Golf team. Other than Ben, Avi, and Levi attending summer camp for periods of the summer, all three boys play as much golf as they possibly can all year long, weather permitting. Ben and Avi also frequently train on electronic simulators during the winter seasons and go to driving ranges whenever they can. 

One unique fact about this year’s Varsity Golf team at George Washington is that every player on the team is Jewish, including the head coach. 

When all three boys play on Varsity together, they all unanimously agree that the game and the experiences bring them closer together as friends and as players. Coming from three boys that have been good friends for a long time, they all acknowledge that this game is very unique and special in that sense. 


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