A Letter from Mr. Snyder - UD Principal retiring after 16-year career at DJDS

A Letter from Mr. Snyder - UD Principal retiring after 16-year career at DJDS
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Jason Snyder

Jason Snyder and his family (Paul, Lisa, and Tommy) at the 2023 DJDS Annual Dinner


By Jason Snyder, Upper Division Principal


Dear DJDS,


One of my favorite quotes is from the French existentialist Albert Camus. He writes “The struggle itself toward the heights is enough to fill a man’s heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy.” Education is always a struggle in that the process of turning a helpless child into a mature adult is difficult. It requires hard work by all involved. In this difficulty and hard work, however, I have found great beauty. This month, as most of you know, I am stepping away from education after 26 years-the last 16 at Denver JDS. Now is the right time for this decision because education is a vocation that requires both passion and patience. At this time in my life, I have too little of both. It is time for me to do something else (at least for a little while).

In my last official address to the Denver JDS community, I simply want to say thank you. We have accomplished much during my seven-year tenure as principal and there have been many moments of this great beauty. Our school has triumphed despite some great obstacles. These moments of triumph and beauty are always the result of all of the constituencies working together for the growth of our students. We may not have always seen things the same way, but I do trust that we always had the best interests of the students foremost.


I leave our school in a great place. We have emerged from the pandemic with increased enrollment, a strong faculty, and some great new curricular innovations for next year. I have the utmost confidence in my successor, Dr. Jeremy Golubcow-Teglasi to improve on the work that we’ve done for the past seven years. Of course, there will still be obstacles-we will need to continue to do the hard and beautiful work pushing the rock up the hill. Our school is not perfect nor am I and I appreciate the patience and the trust that all of you have granted me. I hope you will grant Jeremy the same patience and trust. 

Being the principal of the Upper Division of Denver JDS is the highlight of my career, and I hope I have given you all as much as you have given me. One should imagine Jason happy.


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