Our Jewish Future Capital Campaign

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We are not only innovative educators today, we are proactively planning for tomorrow.

Denver Jewish Day School is the only K-12 Jewish community day school in the Rocky Mountain region. We have served thousands of students in our 40-year history, offering a unique blend of integrated secular and Judaic studies education along with inquiry-based and experiential learning. As the only school of our kind, we play an important role in the vitality of our Jewish community and the success of our students. The Our Jewish Future Campaign assures that the quality of education and unique opportunities and experiences we offer will not only grow and thrive but be available for Jewish families for generations to come. Download a PDF of the campaign brochure. text-header_280x90

  • We will grow and be even more recognized in our role as an essential part of our community.
  • Our students will have the resources and opportunities to embody Jewish values and take them far beyond our bricks and mortar to impact the community and the world.
  • We will nurture learners who are strong 21st century thinkers and have a deep understanding of their faith, culture, heritage and roles as a global citizen.
  • We will be able to extend our reach to more families who want to have the choice of a rigorous, proven, authentic and exciting Jewish education for their children.

Read more details about what this campaign means to Denver Jewish Day School. Join Our Jewish Future Campaign co-chairs Mark Sidell, Lisa Reckler Cohn, and Rabbi Steven & Senator Joyce Foster, along Denver JDS Board Chair, Leslie Sidell, Head of School/CEO Avi Hazel, and Director of Development Krista Boscoe in supporting the Our Jewish Future campaign. SidellLisaCohnfoster
To join the Our Jewish Future Campaign, contact Krista Boscoe, Director of Development, 720-449-9552, cell 303-919-0812.