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Nara View
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"Naraview is a wonderful educational tool. It is an activity during which students follow one another's stream of associations. They also discover connections between different disciplines, learn that there are various ways to solve a given problem, and more. The game is exciting and easily picked up. I have never encountered a group that played the game and did not ask to play it again."


Shai Katz
formerly Education and Instruction coordinator in Wikimedia Israel

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grading math homework
  • High School

All teachers are familiar with this moment: the handing back tests moment. The students are on edge, waiting to receive the final verdict. They reach out to take the form, their eyes immediately looking for the number marked in red at the top of the page. They react with joy, disappointment or indifference and after a quick review of the test at best, they stuff it into the schoolbag.

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