Gifts to the Endowment

Denver Jewish Day School was built by generations of people who gave their time, talents, energy, and financial resources to make our school what it is today. Generous gifts from parents of alumni, grandparents, and faculty and staff built our $3 million endowment, the interest of which provides direct funding to support Denver JDS students, families, faculty, and programs every year.

Since its inception, the endowment has perpetually grown and is invested to ensure long-term financial stability and to support our educational programs, our faculty’s professional development, and our financial aid program. Endowment monies are held in principal and invested by the school. We are actively seeking donors who are interested in supporting endowment growth.

The areas of Endowment at Denver JDS are:

For more information about how you can support Denver Jewish Day School’s endowment, please contact Samantha Raizen Walsh at swalsh@denverjds.org or (303) 638-6337.