Annual Campaign

"I first realized the importance of giving to the school while being interviewed by Rose Community Foundation. During the interview, I learned that outside granting agencies use employee giving rates as part of their evaluation of nonprofit organizations. That's what started the habit. Now, it's one more way I can give back and be part of the community."  

— Melanie Knowles, Upper Division high school science teacher


As with most independent schools, Denver JDS receives little to no government funding and relies on private philanthropy to supplement annual operating costs, to fund new initiatives, and to build a much-needed endowment. Tuition alone does not cover all of the operating costs. The Denver JDS Annual Campaign provides a critically important source of revenue, about 25% of the operating budget.

Denver JDS asks all members of its community to participate in and support the school with a tax-deductible contribution. Making a meaningful gift of any size from $5 to $50,000 makes an important difference. Donors are encouraged to renew and increase their commitment on an annual basis.

The higher the participation rate we can demonstrate from parents, grandparents, and community members, the more success we have securing additional funding from corporations and foundations.

Our goal is 100% parent participation, 100% faculty/staff participation, and healthy grandparent and community participation. 

Our goals:

  • 100% participation from our parent community
  • 100% participation from our staff/faculty
  • Raise approximately $1.5 million in unrestricted operating funds
  • For those families who are able, maintain or increase their giving to the Annual Campaign year over year

Parent Campaign

Parent support is critical to reaching the Denver JDS Annual Campaign goal each year. Every year, parents generously give of their time and resources to help our community continue to thrive. As a Denver JDS parent, you are in a unique position to help support the school while modeling the values that Denver JDS instills in your children. Every gift, no matter the size, is essential and appreciated.

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Our Annual Campaign fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30.