Kabbalat Shabbat

What's the schedule for Kabbalat Shabbat for this school year? 

Kabbalat Shabbats will be announced in weekly Mondays with Mogy emails throughout the school year! 

 Come, my beloved, to greet the bride
and welcome the presence of Shabbat.

— Shlomo Halevi Alkabetz (Lecha Dodi prayer)


Connecting to the rhythm of the Jewish calendar deepens our students’ relationship to Judaism and enhances our school community as a whole.

On a weekly basis, students in the Lower Division welcome Shabbat through Kabbalat Shabbat programming. Once or twice a month, the entire Lower Division gathers together with a guest from the community for singing and storytelling to get into that Shabbat spirit; on other weeks Kabbalat Shabbat is held in individual classrooms.

In the Upper Division, the entire division gathers together each Friday to welcome Shabbat. The whole school (both our Lower Division and Upper Division) also comes together for special Kabbalat Shabbat programming during the year.