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A family is like a pile of rocks. Each is an important part
of the group, and they hold each other up; if you take one out,
the whole pile collapses. 

— Genesis Rabbah


One who engages in grandparenting for 120 years will live a long life. — Yiddish saying

Research shows that involving family — including grandparents — in school life further enables children to grow and thrive. Grandparents have a unique and important perspective on learning, which we both treasure and respect. Whether you're looking for a volunteer opportunity at Denver Jewish Day School, want an excuse to kvell (feel happy and proud) about your offspring's offspring, or are curious about the state of our school, we encourage you to get involved.

Stay in the Loop

Grandparents are encouraged to attend events and activities throughout the school year. Help us keep you apprised of what's going on in your grandchild's school so you can plan for and attend whenever possible. Contact Pamela Kalinowski to ensure that your contact information is current in our database, (720) 449-9548 or