Adult Learning & Engagement

The days of learning — are the days of your life.
— Rabbi Aharon HaLevi from Barcelona


Lifelong learning is a basic tenet of Judaism.

In addition to teaching our students, Denver Jewish Day School regularly coordinates and presents educational and engagement opportunities for parents and community members.
One staple program that applies to both our students and parents is MenschSkills. MenschSkills serves as the advisory program for our Middle School students, and we like to keep our parents in the loop with everything they are learning in advisory through MenschSkills Parent Breakfasts. These breakfasts have shifted to virtual programs via Zoom that occur 4-6 times throughout each school year. In addition to keeping our parents in tune with everything our kids learn in Advisory, we have guest speakers featured at each breakfast and approach topics that are challenging and difficult to address with teenagers growing up in your household. MenschSkills Parent Breakfasts are open to parents of all ages in grades K-12. 

Each school year, there are various additional exclusive learning opportunities for our parents, donor groups, and more.