Get Involved

Sharing a goal unifies a community.
— Benyamin the Israeli


Denver JDS families are encouraged to take an active role in school life.

Our students benefit immensely from strong family engagement. It is a cornerstone of Denver Jewish Day School’s philosophy and culture that enables our children to grow and thrive and an important step we take in achieving our school’s mission. When family members are engaged in school life, they feel not only more connected to their child’s learning process, but also to the community. Ours is a community that celebrates together and supports one another through tough times as well. We nurture that through family engagement.

Denver JDS strongly encourages families to be involved in school activities; school engagement brings life to our community in countless ways. We welcome any family members who wish to participate on behalf of their child or children: moms, dads, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, adopted relatives… anybody who is significant in your child’s life and wants to be a part of our community.

How can you be involved?

We believe being involved in your child’s education looks different for different families. For that reason, we offer a wide array of engagement opportunities to meet a wide array of parenting philosophies, needs, and availability. The following are some examples of school activities that take place annually and offer you opportunities to get involved.

Attend parent-teacher conferences
Attend Kabbalat Shabbat
Attend the Denver JDS Annual Dinner
Attend a school-sponsored parent engagement opportunity
Attend a school sports event
Attend a grade-level parent program
Attend PTO’s back-to-school coffee
Attend a holiday program
Attend school recruitment events as a parent ambassador
Volunteer in the classroom
Volunteer in the office
Volunteer for a PTO event
Serve on a board committee (such as development, finance, buildings & grounds, marketing, or recruitment & retention)
Drive as part of a field trip
Work in the Denver JDS community garden, the Wabash Farmette

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