The Farmette at Denver JDS

Sponsors & Donors

Here is a list of our current Farmette Sponsors and Donors:

Colorado Garden Foundation
Wolf Foundation
Fischel Foundation
The Home Depot
Johnny's Seeds
Rose Medical Center

For more information about the Farmette or how you can support this important initiative, please contact Farmette Manager, Alix Kivlin at

Farmette Camp Summer 2024

All Farmette Camps for Summer 2024 are SOLD OUT!

Summer days on The Farmette is the perfect place for your child to stay active with garden activities, playing with our chickens and goats, learning the basics of animal care, plant growing and harvesting, taking care of the land, and making farm-to-table snacks. Every morning is a new farm focus, an art project, tending to the plants, and creating a new dish for everyone to share. Afternoons will be spent collaborating in the indoor classroom with hands-on farmette building projects and much more! Nonstop outdoor fun and learning!

Please pack sunscreen, a water bottle, a towel, and a snack. We'll also make a wholesome, nutritious snack to eat - each day will be a fresh new recipe. We will hydrate, do a creative project, and read books in the shade when it's hot.

Where: The Denver JDS Farmette (next to the Upper Division building)

When: June 17 - 21, July 8 - 12, July 29 - August 2, 2024 from 9 AM - 4 PM

Who: Kids entering Kindergarten - 6th Grade for the 2024-25 school year!

Cost: $375 per camper

ONLY 20 SPOTS per session! Register now, these will book quickly! If you have any questions, please contact Alix Kivlin at

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And the earth brought forth grass, seed yielding herbs of all kinds, and tree bearing fruit, in which its seed is found, according to its kind; and God saw that it was good.
— Genesis 1:12


Learn. Grow. Regenerate.
The Farmette at Denver Jewish Day School

The Farmette at Denver JDS provides enriching outdoor classes for K-12 students combining food production, environmental stewardship, farm animal care, and nature appreciation. Through outdoor programming, students learn skills they will use throughout their lifetime for themselves, their communities, and their planet. At The Farmette we believe hands-on learning + fun in the outdoors is essential.

For more information about The Farmette or to be added to our email list, please contact Farmette Manager, Alix Kivlin at


What is the Farmette?

The Farmette is a ⅓-acre learning and working farm driven by students, teachers, families, and volunteers who engage in the space to reach beyond the school’s traditional learning boundaries. In addition to growing food and raising animals, it offers all teachers a space to integrate various disciplines and models into their existing curriculum to bring added meaning and hands-on experiences. Students, families, and community members assist in maintenance, harvesting, animal care, and various farm projects which keeps our space thriving while actively teaching all who engage in the space. The Farmette hosts year-round outdoor school curriculum, summer camps, group volunteer opportunities, and special events.


Why Have a Farmette?

Outdoor learning transforms the standard school curriculum by creating a deeper connection students have with food and where it comes from, sustainability practices they can comprehend, farm animal care, and being hands-on in the outdoors. Having a vibrant outdoor classroom fosters curiosity, resourcefulness, and creativity within nature starting at an early age. The Farmette creates a safe and joyful space to connect individuals with the earth, animals, and each other.

Having a sanctuary outdoors, yet within the school campus, increases social and emotional health for students to feel calm and nurtured. On The Farmette we focus less on pure academics and focus more on building independence, mindfulness, and passion within our students. Students take pride in their responsibility to care for the animals, grow and harvest farm crops, prepare thoughtful farm-to-table snacks, and discover an appreciation for our relationship with nature.

  • Our driven students start, plant, maintain, and harvest all farm crops which are then utilized in class farm-to-table cooking, donated to the local food bank Jewish Family Services, or brought to the school cafeteria for school lunches. 

  • The Farmette’s 15 chickens and 4 goats are cared for by students who learn the basics of animal care and how to maintain their living spaces. Family and community volunteers visit and tend to the animals year-round.

  • Regular artwork and projects are created utilizing elements found in nature and upcycling waste items. Our intuitive students design, construct, and repair elements all around the farm.

  • Composting is taught and practiced, alongside individual grades maintaining their own classroom compost programs. The school cafeteria composts all green waste.

  • The classroom expands often to the entire outdoor school campus and Cherry Creek as students explore the terrain, and the animal and plant inhabitants, and have the opportunity for play within a class setting.

For more information about The Farmette or to be added to our email list, please contact Farmette Manager, Alix Kivlin at