General Questions

Can I apply for admission after the February 15 deadline?

Sometimes extenuating circumstances mean families apply for admission to Denver Jewish Day School after the February 15 deadline. Post-deadline applications for admission and financial aid are reviewed on a space available basis. We require a complete application file for all students and cannot waive application components, even when applications are submitted over the summer or during the school year. Student visits to the school are a critical component of the application process. If a student applies over the summer and it is not possible to schedule a school visit before the start of the school year, we will request an opportunity to observe that student in a group setting (day camp, summer program, etc.) If that is not possible you may be offered a provisional admission.

Is tuition the only thing I have to pay for at Denver Jewish Day School?

No. There are additional fees for school trips, sports, before/after school care, and hot lunch. In addition, we ask that all families, regardless of income or financial aid status, contribute to our Annual Campaign. (We ask families to give what makes sense for their situation.)

When are the start and end times each day?

Lower Division (grades K - 5)
8:10 a.m. - 3:35 p.m. Monday through Thursday
8:10 a.m. - 2:45 p.m. on Friday

Upper Division (grades 6 - 12)
7:55 a.m. - 3:25 p.m. Monday through Thursday
7:55 a.m. - 2:35 p.m. Friday

What is your school calendar?

Please click here to view our school calendar.

On what holidays is school closed?

Labor Day
Rosh Hashanah (2 days, with early release on erev Rosh Hashanah)
Yom Kippur (early release on Kol Nidre)
Sukkot (first 2 days)
Shemini Atzeret
Simchat Torah
Thanksgiving (entire week)*
   *Parent Teacher conferences Monday and Tuesday
Christmas (during Winter Break)
New Year’s (during Winter Break)
Martin Luther King Day
President’s Day
Passover (all 8 days)
Shavuot (2 days)
Memorial Day

For a complete calendar, click here.

How many days of school are there?

172 days

What is your student to faculty ratio?

Regardless of enrollment, which can change from year to year, the instructional ratio is 15 to 1 or less in the Lower Division and 23 to 1 or less in the Upper Division. This holds true for core subjects. There are occasions during the course of the school year in which the student to teacher ratio might be higher.

Do you admit special needs students?

Denver Jewish Day School does consider applications for students with identified mild to moderate learning challenges, and we do have students enrolled who have learning differences and thrive in our program with the support of our Learning Resource Center. We require a completed application, including all documentation of learning challenge diagnoses, existing IEPs, and existing 504 Plans in order to make an admission decision.

We are Reform/Conservative/Orthodox/unaffiliated/secular/Israeli, etc. Will we fit in?

If you are interested in being part of a caring community rooted in our Divrei Chaim (Words to Live By), Denver Jewish Day School is a great fit for you! We welcome students who represent the wide array of Jewish expression that exists in the world around us and encourage our students to understand and respect the varying lifestyles of their peers.

Does your school provide transportation?

No, but we do help to arrange carpools through a partnership with Way to Go, a program of the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG)

Do you have before or after school care?

Yes. Before School Care and After School Care is available for students in grades K-6. Fees are as follows:
Before School Care: $8/child/day
After School Care: $15/child/day

Click here for more information about this program.

Students in grades K-5 may also opt to sign up for an after school enrichment class through our BLAST program.

I see “late starts” on your calendar. What are late starts?

Late starts, when both our Lower Division and Upper Division begin later, allow our faculty to engage in professional development opportunities. Before School Care is offered for Lower Division students on these mornings. Late start arrival times are as follows:
Lower Division        9:35 a.m.
Upper Division       9:40 a.m.

What is your admission criteria?

For complete information, please click through to our Admission Overview page.

Do I have to apply? Isn’t everyone admitted?

All prospective students are required to apply for admission. After a thorough review of an applicant’s completed admission file, our admission team determines whether or not our school is a programmatic fit for each applicant. Applicants for whom we are not a good fit (meaning we do not believe our program will lead to student success) are declined admission. We do not waive application requirements for any individual or group of students (siblings, students of staff). Applications submitted after the application and/or notification deadline are considered on a rolling basis and can take several weeks to complete and process depending on the time of year they are submitted. We are unable to “fast track” admission decisions in the absence of a complete application file.

Do I have to be Jewish for my child to attend your school?

Students are required to have one Jewish parent to be eligible for admission. Those affiliated with the messianic movement are not eligible to apply.

Financial Aid Questions

Does financial aid cover costs beyond tuition?

No. Financial aid does not cover other costs such as books, hot lunch, school trips, sports, before/after school care, etc.

Will applying for financial aid have an impact on your admission decision for my child?

No. Financial aid decisions are made independently from admission decisions.

Can I apply for financial aid before I have applied for admission to Denver Jewish Day School?

Yes. Prospective families may apply for financial aid prior to or simultaneously with submission of an application for admission. There is a $35 fee to apply for financial aid through FACTS Tuition Aid, and the school cannot offer a financial aid award until admission is offered. However, the director of admission can look at your financial aid application to let you know whether you demonstrate need for a financial aid award. If you have questions about how your family may fit into the program, please contact our Director of Admission Shayna Friedman at sfriedman@denverjds.org or (720) 449-9550. We strongly encourage prospective families interested in our financial aid program to have a conversation with Shayna as they consider Denver Jewish Day School for their children.

Am I a candidate for financial aid?

There are a few questions you can ask yourself to help determine whether financial aid is right for you.

  • Am I able to fit the entire amount of tuition into my budget without sacrificing core expenses like housing, vehicles, groceries, clothing, healthcare, and childcare? If you cannot fit the entire amount of tuition into your budget after core expenses, you should consider financial aid.
  • Is there discretionary spending currently in my household budget that I could allocate toward tuition? Financial aid will not be calibrated to discretionary spending and lifestyle choices including, as examples, vacations, housing expenses that exceed 28% of AGI, luxury cars, second homes, or the choice for one parent to stay at home when all children in the family are school aged. Financial aid is calibrated to core expenses. Extenuating circumstances may also be considered, and the application includes an open-ended question meant to document those.  
  • Is there a potential wage earner in our household who is choosing to stay at home? If there is an adult family member in the household who is choosing to stay at home while children are attending school full time, you may still demonstrate eligibility for financial aid. Income will be imputed into the household income of families with a stay-at-home parent/guardian. This ensures that we are able to be equitable in the application of criteria for financial aid. This will not apply to families who have children under age five that are home or attending an early childhood program part time (three mornings a week or less). It also does not apply to families in which a parent/guardian is in between jobs but actively searching for a job.
  • Are there family members who plan to help us with tuition? If you expect to receive a financial contribution toward tuition from a family member, and that contribution added to the amount of tuition you can afford equals the full amount of tuition, then you need not apply for financial aid. However, if between your contribution and an additional contribution from a friend or family member, tuition is still not covered, then you should consider applying for financial aid.

Is my application for financial aid confidential?

Yes. Denver Jewish Day School stresses confidentiality in all matters relating to tuition, including financial aid. Only administration personnel directly involved in the review of applications have access to families’ financial aid application information. The information is never shared outside of this small team. We uphold the highest standard of confidentiality in management of each and every family’s case. The identities of families who receive financial aid are not shared with faculty, board members, or any other members of the Denver JDS parent community.

Should I talk about my financial aid with others?

No. Just as we trust that families present a complete and accurate financial profile in their applications for financial aid, we also trust that families will consider their financial aid award to be confidential and avoid sharing any information with friends inside and outside of the school community.

How does the school determine eligibility for financial aid?

Denver Jewish Day School uses a third party company called FACTS Tuition Aid to evaluate the demonstrated financial need of financial aid applicants. FACTS Tuition Aid considers family size, income, and other financial resources as well as core and discretionary spending. Denver JDS’s financial aid team reviews every application processed by FACTS Tuition Aid and will consider certain extenuating circumstances that may affect the family’s ability to pay. Get started on the application here.

Is my financial aid award renewable each year?

We are committed to helping our enrolled students continue at Denver Jewish Day School. Financial aid is awarded annually and is based on demonstrated need. Therefore, returning families must complete a new application annually and submit all required documentation to be considered each year.

If I qualified for financial aid this year, will I qualify next year?

Our program is designed to provide stability and predictability for families, year over year. Most families in the financial aid program remain in the program throughout their children’s years at Denver Jewish Day School. If your financial profile remains approximately the same from year to year, you will continue to qualify for aid. Some families do experience a positive change in circumstances, and will find that they no longer qualify for financial aid. Families apply for financial aid annually so that we have the most current and complete picture of overall need.

I already pay full tuition for a student at Denver Jewish Day School but do not have the resources to pay full tuition for younger siblings. What do I do?

Many families who pay full tuition when their first child enters Denver Jewish Day School demonstrate need for for financial aid when younger siblings are admitted. If you think this may be the case for you, we encourage you to apply for financial aid when bringing a sibling(s) to Denver JDS.

I am separated/divorced from my child's other parent. How do we apply for financial aid?

For the best educational experience of each child, Denver Jewish Day School expects that both parents (if at all possible) will participate fully – academically and financially – in their child’s education. Denver JDS requires both parents to complete an application for financial aid. We are happy to assist both parents, together or individually, in understanding how the program works for divorced or separated parents. This requirement is not applied in the case of single parents who do not share custody or guardianship with another parent.

We are two parents in a one-income family. How does this affect our financial aid award?

If all students are elementary school age or older, both parents are expected to contribute to tuition expenses. Should one parent choose not to work, program guidelines impute an income for the non-working parent. Exceptions may be made in cases where responsibilities (such as medical care or elder care) effectively limit a parent’s ability to commit to regular work.

What deadlines for the financial aid application should I be aware of?

The FACTS Tuition Aid application deadline for new families is February 15, 2020, with supporting documents due NO LATER than February 15, 2020. For returning families, the FACTS Tuition Aid application deadline is January 7, 2020. Click here for key dates for applicants.

How are financial aid dollars prioritized?

We consider financial aid requests in the following order:
Returning Students
Siblings and students of Faculty/Staff*
New Students
Post-deadline applicants
*Denver JDS does not offer a blanket faculty/staff discount. All reduced tuition is allocated based on demonstrated financial need.

What if I am unable to meet the deadline to apply for financial aid?

Your cooperation in meeting the deadline assists us in distributing financial aid fairly to all families who apply to the program. However, we do consider applications filed outside of the regular cycle on an aid-available basis. Families new to the school and those who are unable to file by the deadline should contact our Director of Admission Shayna Friedman at sfriedman@denverjds.org or (720) 449-9550 to discuss aid availability.