The Denver JDS Difference

Imagine a school that fosters learning and growth — both academically and socially. A school that challenges children to be their best, and supports them along the way. A school where they feel safe, confident, and known, and where they look forward to attending every day. For hundreds of children in the greater metro area, Denver Jewish Day School is just that place.

Denver Jewish Day School is the only K-12 Jewish community day school in the Rocky Mountain region. We nurture all aspects of each student’s learning. We use progressive, research-based practices to offer students a challenging, 21st-century education rooted in Jewish tradition and values. Every day at Denver JDS our students are inspired to explore, inquire, and grow.

Our Words to Live By, or Divrei Chaim, are at the root of who we are: Kindness (Chesed), Integrity (Yosher), Curiosity (Sakranut), Community (Kehillah), and Purpose (Tachlit).

We invite you to learn more and get to know us.

Our Divrei Chaim (Words to Live By)

Kindness (Chesed)

We demonstrate compassion through our thoughts, words, and actions, seeking that which is morally upright and good.

Integrity (Yosher)

We adhere to a code of honor and responsibility, acting with consideration for others and our world and recognizing that we are created in God’s image.

Curiosity (Sakranut)

We approach the world with wonder and awe, eager to engage in the process of inquiry and learning.

Community (Kehillah)

We are all part of one community and we unite in our respect for each other and our responsibility to each member of that community.

Purpose (Tachlit)

We think, speak, and act with intent, aiming to make our world a better place.