Hebrew Immersion Program (HIP)

As participants on the program, students…

...create lifelong, personal relationships with Israel, the land and its people

...improve Hebrew language proficiency

...strengthen their connection to their Jewishness through immersion in another culture

...deepen their self-awareness through exploration of independence

In the fall, Denver JDS welcomes a group of Israeli teenagers to our school for two weeks to connect with our students and engage in joint programming.

While HIP is our longest and most intensive example of experiential learning, students in all grades (K-12) expand their learning beyond the walls of the classroom. Check it out here.

When I come to Israel, I feel I'm coming home.
— Yitzhak Perlman

Six intensive weeks in Israel. One experience of a lifetime.

Denver Jewish Day School’s Hebrew Immersion Program (HIP) is a six-week study program in Israel for 10th grade students in which they have the opportunity to live with Israelis, deepen their Hebrew language skills, connect to Israel, and grow as they immerse themselves in Israel’s culture and language. Click here for a downloadable flyer.


Students study for six weeks with Israeli peers in Sde Boker, Ramat Hanegev (JEWISHcolorado’s partnership region) and spend time touring around Israel.


Making Israel their ultimate language lab, students interact in Hebrew with both peers and adults in formal and informal situations, combining intensive Hebrew language instruction with immersion. Through frequent hikes, excursions, and visits to places of note in the Ramat Hanegev region and throughout Israel, students get to experience the land of Israel up close. Most 2018 participants jumped one level of Hebrew during the six-week HIP experience.


HIP dramatically improves Hebrew language oral proficiency, promotes the development of lifelong personal relationships with Israeli peers, deepens Jewish identity, and engenders deep affection for the land of Israel.

The HIP experience was truly life changing for me. I have countless new friends across the globe, my Hebrew is significantly better, my education about the special place we come from has grown tremendously, and I now feel like I have a second home. The six-week Hebrew Immersion Program is something I will never forget
and I owe it all to Denver Jewish Day School.
–Madi Foonberg, 2016 HIP Participant