Explore the Upper Division (High School 9-12)

Fun Facts about
the Upper Division

More than 70% of Denver JDS Upper Division students participate in team sports.

Denver JDS Upper Division students earn National Merit Recognition at four times the national average.

Denver JDS middle schoolers meet several times a week with their advisors.

Several Upper Division teachers have taught at our school for more than 25 years.

Tekes Tichon offers a unique opportunity for 11th graders to take eighth graders off campus for the day to form a connection.

Students are encouraged to pursue specific interests and passions, and faculty members are open to independent study classes in order to help facilitate that exploration.

In the spring of 2017, the girls’ basketball team participated in the Regional Championship round of the CHSAA State playoff tournament.

On Senior Stress Day in the fall, a couple of faculty members take the senior class off campus to bond as a class and begin planning Color War.

A look inside High School at Denver JDS

According to the effort is the reward.
— Ethics of our Fathers (5:22)

Denver Jewish Day School middle and high school students gain college preparatory excellence while growing into mature and responsible young adults.

Our low student-to-teacher ratio, Judaic values, and individualized approach to education helps ensure that in addition to gaining academic acuity, Denver JDS students also learn how to find their own voice and be true to themselves.

Preparing for College and Beyond

Teenagers thrive on adult-like experiences. As Denver JDS students mature, they receive increased responsibility and leadership opportunities to support their progression toward accountability, independence, and integrity.

  • Students learn and are expected to advocate for themselves by attending teacher office hours, speaking up in the classroom, and committing to conflict resolution with peers.
  • Beginning in ninth grade, students can receive off-campus privileges, subject to parental consent and acceptable academic status.
  • Student-led clubs and programs — from Student Council to Color War to participation in Shabbat retreats (Shabbatonim) and more — provide a safe space for Denver JDS teens to gain hands-on leadership, autonomy, delegation, and decision-making experiences.
  • In addition to the work they do in class, all high school students take on a minimum of 18 independent community service hours/year.
  • During the last several weeks before graduation, our Senior Development Program gives 12th graders intern-style "real world" experiences.

Class schedules vary throughout the week, allowing students to study each topic at different times of the day. Students gain important time management, organization, self awareness, and self-advocacy skills at weekly periods of unstructured choice time on Tuesdays and Thursdays. During this time, all Upper Division students can meet one-on-one with teachers, study individually or as a group, do homework, or, if their academic responsibilities have been handled, participate in athletic or social activities. Middle school students also use this time to meet with their advisory groups. Upper Division Announcements, a brief gathering of all students in grades six through 12, also happen weekly during this time.

A wide range of extra-curricular activities and experiential learning opportunities enhance classroom lessons and further prepare Denver JDS scholars for college and beyond.

Within the Upper Division, we also offer to our learning community the Learning Resource Center (LRC) and a social wellness program.