Remote Learning Program

Foundational AND Cutting Edge
Apart AND a Part

Denver Jewish Day School's Remote Learning Program

Our sacred tradition teaches, “Do not separate yourself from the community”

While we are required to be separated physically, our community will never stop supporting our students’ intellectual, social, and emotional growth. Remote Learning is designed to meet all of these needs and, of course, rests on our school’s Words to Live By. Remote Learning has shown us that even when temporarily apart, we always remain a part of each other’s lives.

Lets start at the very beginning...

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Principles of Denver JDS Remote Learning

Remote Learning provides meaningful academic content that challenges students intellectually and allows them to hone their future ready success skills like curiosity, collaboration, creativity, and problem solving.

Remote Learning is designed and delivered in a manner appropriate for the home environment, recognizing the fundamental differences that exist in a home setting and a school setting.

Remote Learning is designed and delivered in a manner appropriate to the student’s stage of development.

Remote Learning is flexible, offering synchronous and asynchronous opportunities in order to accomodate the many different families and lifestyles in our sacred community.

Our commitment to each child’s success remains unwavering during periods of Remote Learning.

Remote Learning is designed and delivered to addresses the unique social emotional needs of students and ways they may be affected by the environmental changes they’re experiencing

During Remote Learning we support students in maintaining the critical connections to their community of teachers and peers.

We engage in ongoing reflective practice about Remote Learning that includes consideration of parent and student feedback to continue to refine and improve the Remote Learning experience

If and when necessary, we are prepared for a seamless transition to and from Remote Learning.

Remote Learning is conducted in accordance with the school’s Words to Live by. All behavioral standards present in the school building are upheld in the Remote Learning environment.


Lower Division

Elementary Age Students and Remote Learning

Our younger students (K-5) are gaining independence every day, and school plays a significant role in assisting them in that process. We honor this by creating a Remote Learning program that allows students to view learning content when they are able, which may be at different times for different students depending on a number of factors at home. Families receive a weekly email on Sunday evening with an outline of the week’s content to allow them to support their students in fitting Remote Learning into the family’s life and schedule. While assignments do have due dates, teacher-facilitated lessons are recorded. Optional live check-ins with teachers are offered several times a week in each grade.

Project Based Learning

Over the last three years, Denver Jewish Day School faculty and staff have conducted a deep dive into Project Based Learning, a method of instruction that increases student agency, confidence, engagement, and ultimately their retention of content. Many hours of training and reflective practice have led to gold standard experiences for our students. The quick pivot to Remote Learning that took place in March will not compromise this aspect of our curriculum. 


Independent school affords students important opportunities to learn about the arts and physical education. When we can not be together physically, we make sure that our students can continue to benefit from exposure to these important experiences.

Here is one current Denver JDS Lower Division student and one future Denver JDS Tiger enjoying remote story-time with Denver JDS Librarian, Ms. Judy Rath while enjoying some hot lunch! 

A Day in the Life

Remote Learning
with the Brooks Family

Take a look inside a day of Remote Learning at Denver Jewish Day School with a Denver JDS family below!

A Denver JDS middle school student tuning in to one of his classes via Zoom, while also taking notes. Multi-tasking at its finest! 

A Denver JDS Lower Division student tuning in to his class via Zoom with his teachers and classmates.

A closer look inside a day in the life of Remote Learning for a Denver JDS Lower Division student. We make it intuitive and easy for our students to adjust to the Remote Learning platform via laptops and iPads. 

Upper Division

Adolescents and Remote Learning

Tweens and Teens are developmentally different than their Lower Division peers, and Remote Learning in the Upper Division is designed differently to support them. Because adolescents require less parental participation in their Remote Learning experience, the majority of content is delivered synchronously. Teachers utilize Google Meet and Zoom to facilitate learning. Teachers can employ breakout rooms when appropriate to encourage collaboration and discussion among students. Assignments are pushed out to students through Google Classroom.

Upper Division Schedule

Every class meets twice a week for 75 minutes. We have employed a block schedule designated Mondays and Thursdays as “A” days and Tuesdays and Fridays as “B.” Depending on the student’s schedule they have three to four live classes each day. Roll is taken and absences are recorded. Parents are contacted when a student misses a class meeting or gets behind on assigned work.

Assignments are pushed to the students asynchronously through Google classroom.

Middle School students attend their Mensch Skills class once/week.

Students do not have class on Wednesdays. We offer our Tiger Time program on Wednesdays. During Tiger Time, teachers hold office hours for students who need to connect with them for any reason. Every grade meets with a faculty advisor on Wednesday for a check-in as well. 

Community Life

Denver Jewish Day School is more than a school. We believe young people are best positioned for happiness and success when they know they are part of a community. Our Remote Learning Program aims to incorporate this important aspect of our identity in many ways including: