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Lower Division Fun

A favorite kindergarten tradition is the annual class "trip" to Israel, piloted by Head of School/CEO Avi Halzel.

A keystone event of first grade is the Chagigat Hasiddur ceremony, where each student receives his or her first Hebrew prayer book.

Near the middle of the school year, second graders partake in a Chagigat HaChumash ceremony, during which they each receive their own Hebrew bible.

Many students' most anticipated event of third grade is their first overnight trip as a class to the Denver Zoo or the Denver Aquarium.

Moving up to the second floor of our Lower Division building, an overnight, and a trip to a the Plains Conservation Center in Aurora are exciting experiences for fourth graders.

Fifth grade involves self-directed assignments and deadlines as well as large-scale, collaborative projects and Lower Division leadership responsibilities. A two-night/three-day overnight trip to YMCA of the Rockies in Rocky Mountain National Park takes place in the fall, and students end the year with a formal bridging ceremony and celebration, marking their transition from the Lower Division to the Upper Division at Denver JDS.

With each child, the world begins anew. — Midrashic tradition

Small class sizes lead to an intimate environment for children to learn and grow as individuals and create a sense of community.

Our Lower Division encompasses our kindergarten through fifth grade classes. In addition to establishing the building blocks for a lifetime of learning, the Lower Division at Denver JDS is a time for students to develop analytical and problem-solving skills that will help them become great thinkers, great friends, and great citizens. Our holistic approach to teaching and learning allows children to be themselves and honors who they are as individuals.

Our kindergarten through fifth grade students gain an appreciation for Israel and Judaism with a blend of music, holiday celebrations, prayer, and inquiry into Jewish text. Students speak, read, and write Hebrew daily.

Our Lower Division team combines critical thinking, compassion, and creativity to foster a love of learning and bring out the best in every student.Within the Lower Division, we also offer to our learning community the Learning Resource Center (LRC), a Gifted Learner Program, and a Social & Emotional Wellness program.

Early care, after care, and after-school BLAST programs keep students happily occupied and help accommodate working parents' schedules.