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Tuition Assistance

Denver Jewish Day School (Denver JDS) offers tuition assistance to qualifying families.

As a community school, Denver JDS is committed to providing a superior secular and Judaic education for Jewish children from all economic backgrounds. Assistance is awarded at varying levels based on need and including many variables, such as family’s adjusted gross income, number of children, and core expenses. The tuition assistance process includes consideration of extenuating circumstances. Job loss, medical emergencies, and elder care expenses are a few examples.

Denver JDS uses FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment to analyze applicants’ financial information. The FACTS recommendation is one of several factors considered in awarding tuition assistance. Other factors include overall need and the overall tuition assistance budget.

Steps to Applying for Tuition Assistance:

1) Check “yes” on your Application form to request Tuition Assistance information.

2) View our Tuition Assistance timeline and FAQs for new applicants.

3) Click here for FACTS instruction on how to apply online and use this link to go the the FACTS website to begin your application.

Administrative personnel handle all tuition assistance requests confidentially. It is important that tuition assistance applicants and recipients do so as well. Discussion of tuition assistance status may result in revocation of a tuition assistance reward. We invite you to schedule a pre-application appointment with Shayna Friedman, Director of Admission, at 720-449-9522 or