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In Their Own Words…

(Herzl/RMHA became Denver Jewish Day School Aug. 1, 2010)

My own experience leads me to conclude that attending and supporting Jewish day schools is perhaps the single most effective investment that we, as American Jews, can make to maintain an enduring, diverse and vibrant Jewish community. I received a qualitatively different kind of education at Herzl/RMHA [now Denver JDS] than I would have received at another school. Herzl/RMHA [now Denver JDS] affects young people in ways we cannot calculate, or predict, or even imagine. It changes lives. It changed mine.

– Cody Harris, Herzl/RMHA Class of 1996, Graduate of Stanford University, Stanford University Law School

Denver JDS is one of the most successful small schools in the country. We are thankful to have such a wonderful choice for both secular and Jewish education in our community.

– Ellen & Scott Robinson, Parents

A Jewish education is key to the survival of Israel and its continuation for another 60 years and beyond. It is from schools like Herzl/RMHA [now Denver JDS]  that we shape and develop our Jewish identities, and it is those Jewish identities that stand proud to defend our homeland.

– Emily Rotbart, Herzl/RMHA Class of 2008, Cornell University

A Denver Jewish Day School education is truly invaluable. Not only does the school provide for our children a nurturing, academically challenging and stimulating environment, but also imparts a sense of identity and self-worth. The connection to Jewish traditions, religion and peoplehood is complimented by experiential learning and significant academic and extracurricular activities. Denver JDS is creating menschin, good citizens, and our future Jewish leaders.

– Rabbi Jeffrey and Rhonda Kaye, Parents

As part of the founding group of the school, it was our hope from the very beginning that a solid Jewish education would mean three things. First, it would guarantee a first rate Jewish and Hebrew education that cannot be delivered through our existing supplementary schools. Second, it would promote the idea that Judaism is more than a cultural memory to be passed from one generation to the next, but rather it is a religious tradition with values and rituals and ways for us to live in the modern world. Lastly, we had hoped that a school like Denver JDS would help lead to a sense of common purpose through our various religious and cultural institutions. We are pleased to say that Denver Jewish Day School has not only achieved these goals, but exceeded all of our expectations.

– Rabbi Steven and Joyce Foster, Grandparents & Founders

There was never a plan B for our kids – from day one, each loved the school. They never considered leaving, and neither they nor we have ever had a moment’s regret. When we look at the kind of people our kids have become, we are enormously proud of them and infinitely grateful for their Herzl/RMHA [now Denver JDS] educations.

– Sara Rotbart and Harley Rotbart, M.D., Parents

A Jewish education inherently creates a strong sense of identity – a steadfast sense of self that might not be apparent until you’re removed from your close-knit community. Herzl/RMHA [now Denver JDS] equipped me with the strongest sense of who I am, and what I stand for. So take me away from home, from my school, from my skiing, from my Colorado sunshine, from my family, take me away from everything I at one time used as points of identification, and I will always have my Jewish identity – and that’s my anchor.

– Shane Kleinstein, Herzl/RMHA Class of 2007, University of Pennsylvania

Herzl/RMHA [now Denver JDS] gave me strength and confidence in who I am and what I believe in. The leadership skills I learned through debate, color war and other educational experiences gave me the freedom to express what is important to me. I have a good level of tolerance of all people – Jewish, non-Jewish. I was taught to treat others who believe differently than I do with respect.

– Shellie Kark, RMHA Class of 1984

Academics are clearly very strong at Herzl/RHMA [now Denver JDS], and both of our children were able to enter and thrive at competitive colleges of their choice. Yet the values and character that the school community both embodies and transmits are most impressive. We have seen in the Herzl/RMHA [now Denver JDS] graduates who are our children’s classmates a maturity, sense of humor, commitment to their ideals, and support of each other that speak volumes on behalf of the environment that helped shaped them.

– Sharon Bernton and Tashof Bernton, M.D., Parents