Social Wellness

Social and emotional well-being have a close correlation with academic success.

Our whole child approach to education includes social and emotional wellness. School counselor Susan Klein, LMFT spends time in the classrooms and is also available for one-on-one meetings with students, parents, faculty and staff.

Lower Division Curriculum

Elementary-age students learn using the Kelso's Choices conflict management skills program. The Lower Division social wellness curriculum addresses:

  • Conflict resolution strategies and resources
  • Personal safety, from boundary setting to stranger danger to internet safety as it becomes relevant
  • Pro-social behavior including healthy expression of emotions and discussions about peer pressure
  • Self awareness relating to hygiene, how one's actions impact others, and by 4th and 5th grade, introductory health education

Upper Division Curriculum

Adolescent and early adult development is a literal coming of age. Our Upper Division social wellness curriculum supports and teaches conflict resolution, personal safety, pro-social behavior and self awareness through multiple venues.

  • Healthy Educational Learning Programs (HELP) are student generated, developed, and facilitated programs driven by the developmental needs of the community.
  • A 7th/8th grade Girls Leadership Retreat is scheduled every two years, and helps build the foundation of a strong self image and a lifetime of positive self esteem.
  • Our Middle school advisory program features daily check-ins with a designated instructor.
Fun Fact

The most popular school lunch in the Lower Divison is Pizza Tuesday; in the Upper Division, it's Taco Friday. More sophisticated palettes enjoy the fresh mozzarella and basil panini.

Did You Know

In the last three years, we have offered 14 Upper Division prayer study options including meditation, cooking, music, egalitarian, Shabbat table, mechitzah, and the bibliodrama, to name about half.