Middle School

Advisory Program

The middle school years can be a particularly trying time for students. At Denver JDS, we embrace the reality of our students' social and emotional development, and are especially attuned to their needs through our middle school Advisory Program. Sixth graders meet regularly with their advisor as a class. Seventh and eighth graders meet daily, in a small group, with a faculty advisor. This "check-in" allows us to devlep and maintain a close connection with our students. It also helps to ensure that every student feels known and has at least one adult on the faculty with whom they can process and problem solve. The advisory curriculum includes:

  • self-advocacy
  • team building
  • successful peer-to-peer relationships
  • academic organization
  • health

Additionally, all middle school students participate in the school's social wellness program run by our school counselor, Susan Klein.

Experiential Learning

Students take their learning to a higher level when they study outside of the classroom. Learn more.

Color War

Color War is a unique school tradition that takes place each spring at Denver JDS. The week-long program incorporates academic, athletic, artistic, and Judaic components and brings all students in grades 6-12 together for a time of intense learning and growth, that's also a lot of fun.

Our Middle School Curriculum

Every member of the Denver JDS middle school faculty has a commitment to providing extraordinary education and a passion for teaching and empowering budding teens.

Hebrew - In keeping with our school’s commitment to Israel – and because learning a foreign language at an early age enlarges brain capacity and provides students with an academic advantage – teaching students to read, write and speak Hebrew is an important part of our daily academic curriculum. Classes are taught almost exclusively in Hebrew, and topics include Israeli history, culture, and daily life. Incoming students without a Hebrew background are brought up to speed with a complementary Hebrew introduction program.

Judaic Studies - Students take three Judaic Studies classes each year. A core course focused on  biblical text and tradition meets daily; Tefillah (Jewish prayer) meets twice a week; and a Tikkun Olam (service learning) course meets twice a week all year in 6th grade and for one semester in 7th and 8th grades.

English - Literature and composition courses focus on building students’ oral and written communication skills. In addition to studying a variety of literary genres (novels, plays, short stories, poetry, etc.), students expand their pubic speaking, vocabulary and study skills. Sixth graders take two English courses daily; 7th and 8th graders have one English course each day.

Math - In addition to mastering the highest level of basic mathematical functions, math courses in middle school include functional geometry, pre-algebra and algebra. Students are differentiated by math readiness and learning is reinforced by relating it to everyday life.

Science - Physical, Life, and Earth science topics encourage students to learn by questioning, analyzing and thinking critically. Students also participate annually in a Science Fair during which they prepare, execute, and formally present a scientific experiment of their choice.

Social Studies -Students learn about non-Western history, Africa, Asia, and Latin America during the middle school years. Focus includes history, geography, culture, economics, civics, and language study.

Art & P.E. - Creative and physical outlets are important for healthy brains and bodies. Each week in middle school, students partake in three days of gym; for one semester each year, students receive two days of art instruction.

Technology - Our state-of-the-art computer lab features Apple computers at every seat. Students use the space for independent research projects as well as classroom learning, including a keyboarding class in 6th grade. Our Upper Division iPad program allows teachers to bring 21st century learning directly into the classroom. In some instances, students  bring their personal devices to class.

Our Middle School Scope & Sequence document with a comprehensive, subject-by-subject measure of the skills and concepts taught in grades 6-8 is coming soon.