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Legacy Society/Live On

Support Denver Jewish Day School (formerly Herzl/RMHA) by including the school in your estate plan.
Denver JDS is a participating agency in Live On IV 

Including Denver JDS in your will adds to the school’s legacy (hence the term Legacy Society) by helping grow the school’s endowment and ensuring that future generations can experience our wonderful school.

In addition to personal satisfaction, legacy gifts offer major planning opportunities to minimize federal and state taxes — increasing the possibilities for effective distribution of assets. These gifts are popular estate-planning tools, as they offer a wide degree of flexibility and favorable tax benefits.

Please consider including Denver JDS in your estate plans.

“Our daughter Shira has been at Denver Jewish Day School for one year now and we couldn’t be happier. She is thriving and comes home daily excited to share all she has learned at school. She especially loves the Judaic content and is always ready to share the weekly parsha or new Hebrew song she learned. We are pleased with Denver JDS and look for opportunities to support the school and its programs. So when Krista introduced us to the concept of the Legacy Society, we were quite willing to consider it. It seemed so easy to do and the timing was good since we were in the process of estate planning for ourselves. The Legacy Society  allows us to give more in the future than we are currently able to give. As we thought about it, we chose the Legacy Society not just because it was easy to do but because of what it stands for: providing for future generations.

Our plan is to have Shira stay at DenverJDS through 12th grade, so we know after 8 more years, our connections and commitment to Denver JDS will have grown significantly. Being able to provide back to the school and keep it thriving in the future will be a fitting legacy to Shira’s time at the school. By including the Legacy Society in our estate plans, we help ensure that future generations will have access to the same high quality excellent education that Shira is receiving.” – Scott Miller & Mona Jacobson  (Shira Miller, 4th grade) 

To become a Legacy Society member, download and return our bequest card  or Donor Record form. You can also download our Families & Money form to help keep track of your important financial legal documents.

Download our Legacy Society brochure to learn more.

Denver JDS is eligible for additional grant money when new donors join the society and/or existing members provide additional details about their bequests. Learn more about how to Build Your Jewish Legacy by clicking here.

For more information, contact Krista Boscoe, director of development, at or 720-449-9552.