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Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) focuses on mainstreaming students with mild to moderate learning disabilities through the provision of LRC remediation and support. Diagnostic services, based on testing and classroom observations, are used to determine a students’s strengths, weaknesses and learning styles.

Learning Specialists  (Lena Fishman, Beth Saunders, Barbara Silberman) collaborate with classroom teachers to implement appropriate teaching strategies, accommodations and modifications for students.  Regardless of level of instruction, we incorporate a variety of strategies and programs, based on sequential, multi-sensory instruction

Learn more about the LRC program here.

If you have concerns about your child’s language skills, articulation, fine motor skills or sensory/attention issues; your child may benefit from a speech/language or occupational therapy screening.

If you are interested in having your child participate in the screening process for speech/language, occupational therapy or both, here is information you will find helpful:

Letter to Parents

Occupational Therapy Screen Checklist

Speech, Language, Learning Checklist