A Denver JDS Perspective

Watch this 4 minute video to get a parent's perspective of Denver JDS.


Lower Division (K-5)

Kindness and compassion are two key ingredients for fostering a love for learning and providing a strong foundation of knowledge. Learn more about our Lower Division.

Upper Division (6-12)

Upper Division students gain college prepartory excellence while growing into mature and responsible adults. Learn more about our Upper Division.

Auxiliary Programming

In addition to the regular curriculum, Denver JDS services include our Learning Resource Center (LRC), Gifted Learner Program, Social Wellness, and College Counseling.

Extraordinary education is more than just a part of our tagline; it’s at the core of our existence.

Academic excellence goes far beyond having a high grade point average. Denver JDS students are inspired to think deeply, work collaboratively, listen thoughtfully, and act responsibly. Literature circles, science experiments, project-based learning, lively classroom discussions and Judaic values make up the daily experience here. Through active, hands-on learning with their peers, students gain an understanding of the world around them and the impact they can have.

Our pluralistic Judaic program inspires learners to develop a positive relationship with Israel, Torah, and the Jewish people. A focus on our school’s middot, or behavior informed by Jewish values, is fostered in all grades. Hebrew language is studied in every grade and a five-week Hebrew/Israel Immersion Program (HIP) in Israel for the 10th grade is a keystone of our Judaic curriculum.

Denver JDS is proud to be one of 5280 Magazines’s Top Private Schools.

No Hebrew? No Problem.

An introductory Hebrew language program is available for students who enter the school without a day school background.

Read this Denver Post article about the benefits of speaking a second language.