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Community Service

Our community service philosophy emerges from the values of the Torah and Jewish tradition.

The mitzvot (commandments), tzedakah (righteousness and justice), gemilut hasadim (acts of loving kindness), and tikkun olam (acts of repairing the world) are an integral part of the daily teachings of our school. Denver Jewish Day School (Denver JDS) provides a deeper, richer Jewish identity by instilling Jewish values in a way that students learn how to embody them.

Social responsibility is promoted through school-sponsored community service projects, and students are encouraged to participate in activities sponsored by the larger Jewish community.

A group of parent volunteers, in conjunction with Denver JDS faculty, created ‘Helping Hands’ a service-learning program for grades kindergarten through five. Helping Hands recipients are:

  • Canine Partners for the Rockies – Kindergarten
  • Ekar – 1st grade
  • The Anchor Center for the Blind – 2nd grade
  • Jewish Family Services – 3rd grade
  • Newborns in Need – 4th grade
  • Wish for Wheels – 5th grades

Each grade selects a charitable organization to support, and along with raising funds for the agencies, students have the chance to volunteer for the organization. Each month is assigned a Jewish value, which serves as a prominent theme within the classroom and around the school. For more information or to get involved, contact Megan Shoflick or Karen Novick.

In grades six through 12, students have the opportunity to join the Chesed Club, a school-based organization focused on local community service, student council, and other clubs.  All students will take Tikkun Olam, a course that teaches the principles of community service through real-life projects.