Communication – between students, teachers, parents and administrators — is an important part of a strong and successful education. Classroom pages and teacher emails are great ways for students (and parents) to stay apprised of expectations and share feedback about classroom activities and assignments. In the Lower Division, classroom folders are used to convey messages, permission slips and other important classroom updates between parents and teachers. The Upper Division uses Power School, an online open grade book, allowing students and parents to track their progress and monitor their performance in all classes at any time. Denver JDS uses a variety of social media, including Facebook and Twitter to share videos and photos of special events or great moments in the classroom, as well as to communicate crucial or time sensitive messages.
Mondays with Mogy

Making pertinent information available at a glance was the impetus for Mondays with Mogy. Denver JDS parents start off each week with an email highlighting the school's most critical information for that week. In addition, an abbreviated calendar of other upcoming events and links to even more information gives parents and students everything they need to know for the week in five minutes or less.


Our monthly e-newsletter, The Shofar, is an effective and important way to stay informed about life at Denver JDS. The Shofar includes messages from the Head of School/CEO, Upper and Lower Division Principals, Admission Director, and Development Director as well as calendar updates, reminders, information about new school developments and community events. The Shofar comes to parents' inboxes on the first Thursday of the month, and is also posted here, along with a link to all back issues.

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Family Engagement

Volunteerism, adult education, and our PTO are powerful ways for parents, grandparents, alumni and community members to participate and make a difference at Denver JDS. Learn more.

Clubs & Activities

Extracurricular clubs and activities offer extended day options and opportunity for physical, social and intellectual growth and stimulation. Learn more.