Shabbat Across DJDS

Enjoying Shabbat dinner with families of fellow Denver Jewish Day School students deepens bonds within the community.


Shabbat Across DJDS is a wonderful opportunity for our families to get to know and spend time with others in our school community. We at DJDS believe part of a successful school is a close-knit community. Opportunities such as sharing Shabbat dinner help us to get to know one another better and build the relationships that are foundational to our school’s life. Families can choose to be hosts or guests, and always look forward to this special evening.

The Shabbat Across DJDS committee arranges for families to celebrate Shabbat together based on the questions each family answers as part of the registration process. We do everything we can to meet the observance needs of all participants.  Special thanks to Julie Rubin, for chairing our sixth annual “Shabbat Across Denver JDS” evening.



Want to be a guest? Just register by Wednesday, January 11th and answer all questions relevant to being a guest. If you need to cancel attending dinner, please contact your host directly.


Want to host? Just register by Wednesday January 11th and answer all questions relevant to hosting. Observance of kashrut in your home is not a requirement for hosting. Please know that Denver JDS appreciates your desire to host. In the event that we have more hosts than volunteers, we hope you will be open to attending a Shabbat dinner as a guest.

Hosts are asked to contact their guests the Monday before the Shabbat dinner is to take place with all relevant details about their individual dinners.


Questions? Contact Shayna Friedman at or (720) 449-9550.