A close-knit community sets Denver JDS apart.

The sense of community you'll find at Denver JDS is integral to the fact that students -- and their families -- are genuinely happy here. Classmates, especially in the Upper Division, often refer to one another as one big family, or mishpacha. And parents frequently forge life-long friendships here. From personal greetings in the hallways to celebrations of success, gatherings of support, and both formal and informal parent get-togethers by grade or interest, the Denver JDS community is a powerful one.


Shmooze Events

fall schmooze invitationGather with fellow Denver JDS parents to socialize and shmooze. Join us for our annual fall and spring schmooze events.

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Family Engagement

When family members are engaged in the school's life, they feel not only more connected to their child's learning process, but also to the community.


Participating in the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) -- by volunteering on committees and/or attending PTO-sponsored events -- is a great way to strengthen and reinforce the bond between parents, teachers, and the school.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Many students celebrate their bar or bat mitzvah while attending Denver JDS. As a service to the community, we keep an active list of mitzvah dates and encourage families to review the list as part of their scheduling process. Please also let us know when you've set your date so it gets included.