Auxilliary Programs

Teach every child according to his way. -- Proverbs 22:6

Different children learn in different ways. At Denver JDS, we have several programs in place to simultaneously empower and enrich our students' educational experience while honoring their individual strengths.

Differentiated Instruction

Through differentiated instruction, Denver JDS can recognize and responsively react to students' varying background knowledge, readiness, language, preferences, and interests. We maximize each student's growth and individual success by meeting them where they are. In the classroom, differentiated instruction includes:

  • small-group instruction
  • flexible grouping
  • targeted instruction based on student needs

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) focuses on mainstreaming students with mild to moderate disabilities through the provision of remediation and support. Learning specialists collaborate with classroom teachers to implement appropriate strategies, accommodations, and modifications. LRC services are offered in both the Upper and Lower Division.

Highly gifted students require additional programming and services that are substantively and qualitatively different in order to expand their knowledge and cognitive potential. Our Gifted Learner Program recognizes and supports those students in the Lower Division who possess exceptional creativity of thought and reasoning, cognitive abilities, or intellectual strengths. It also recognized and supports to the unique social/emotional needs of highly gifted students. In the Upper Division, course acceleration, independent projects, honors and AP classes are offered and provided as appropriate.

Social Wellness

Our whole child approach to education includes a robust social wellness curriculum.

Experiential Learning

Students take their learning to a higher level when they study outside of the classroom.

Hot Lunch

Students can enjoy nutritious, delicious, convenient Kosher hot lunch every day of the week. Login to MyDJDS to see menus and place your oder.

Community Service

Our community service philosophy emerges from the values of the Torah and Jewish tradition.