Affording DJDS

Affording Denver Jewish Day School


Our Philosophy

Denver Jewish Day School recognizes the unique contribution of each of its families to our Jewish future and understands that investing in a Jewish day school education requires a significant commitment from our families.

As an independent school, Denver JDS relies on tuition as the primary source of its operating income.  We do not receive Federal or state funding, and tuition covers only 75 percent of the school’s operating budget. We believe that Denver JDS is worthy of generous financial support, and we count on philanthropic support in order to thrive in delivering on our mission. As an institution driven by Jewish values, we are committed to fundraising for the additional 25 percent in order to keep tuition as affordable as possible for families who desire a Jewish day school education for their children.

Our Board of Trustees, donors, and the entire community are committed to making a Denver JDS education affordable for as many families as possible, and our robust Financial Aid program ensures accessibility to a DJDS education for 50 percent of our families annually. The academic diversity of our student body is enhanced by the economic diversity preserved through this program. Every family and every student are equally important to the mission of our school.

We encourage you to explore the information provided here, and to reach out to Shayna Friedman, Director of Admission,at (720) 449-9550 or with any questions you may have about our Financial Aid Program.


Is this program right for me?

Families often ask, “Will I qualify for Financial Aid?” Many are surprised at the depth of our program and the number of families we are able to assist. Please refer to the table below as a general guide.



Number of DJDS Students

Income Bracket




 $0 - $100K  💙  💙  💙
 $100 - $150K  💚  💙  💙
 $150K - $200K  💛  💚  💙
 $200K - $250K  💛  💚  💙
 $250K +  💛  💛  💚


💙 Very likely

💚 Possible

💛 Unlikely



FACTS Tuition Aid Application 

The FACTS Tuition Aid Financial Aid Application will open on October 2, 2017. To ensure a smooth processing of your application and avoid unnecessary delays, it is imperative that you complete and submit all applicable parts of the application and submit all required documents online.

All current and prospective tuition assistance families: please complete and submit your online application to FACTS Tuition Aid no later than January 5, 2018 with supporting documents (Denver JDS does acknowledge that W-2 documentation may not be available until January 31, 2018). 



The status of any family’s tuition is completely confidential and is never shared beyond the school’s administrative offices. This information is not shared with teachers or volunteers or any organizations outside of Denver Jewish Day School.

Families who participate in the Financial Aid program are required to maintain confidentiality by not sharing information about overall tuition obligation with anybody, including friends and family members (other than those who may be helping with tuition).  Disclosure of this information by a family could result in the revocation of your Financial Aid package.  

For more information about our Financial Aid Program, check out our Financial Aid FAQs