The Denver JDS Difference

A place that fosters learning and growth -- both academically and socially. A place that challenges children to be their best, and supports them along the way. A place where they feel safe, confident and known. For hundreds of children in the greater metro area, Denver JDS is just that place.

Denver Jewish Day School is the only K-12 Jewish community day school in the Rocky Mountain region. Nurturing all aspects of each student’s learning is our central purpose. We use progressive, leading-edge education models to offer students a challenging, 21st century education rooted in Jewish tradition, ethics and beliefs. Every day at DJDS, our students are inspired to explore, inquire and grow.

At Denver Jewish Day School, you will find an unwavering commitment to: Strong community centered around Jewish values, or middot, which inspire us to be our best selves, reaching our fullest potential; Learning together in an inclusive, caring, supportive, and respectful environment that welcomes families from all Jewish backgrounds and manner of practice; Experienced, passionate and dedicated faculty devoted to understanding each child; An outstanding, inquiry-based education in general and Judaic studies that challenges each student academically and intellectually while nurturing their spiritual and emotional growth; and Educating students to think critically and act purposefully in the world, understanding how the choices they make impact not just themselves, but those around them.

Empowering Learning Environment

At DJDS, we value and nurture the uniqueness of each student, encouraging them to take ownership of their own learning. Risks and even mistakes are encouraged in our safe and compassionate environment. Effort is recognized and celebrated, and motivation is cultivated through a curriculum intentionally designed to maximize each child's potential. A project-based approach to learning allows each student to apply theories learned in the classroom toward inventions and solutions for the world in which they exist. The daily study of Hebrew begins in kindergarten, providing students with an academic advantage and encouraging them to interact with the larger world around them. )

Exceptional Faculty

At DJDS, we are committed to modern, leading-edge education. Our faculty models a lifelong love of learning and embraces a growth mindset that continually permeates their teaching practices. Teachers invest in more than academics - they are committed to supporting the social and emotional growth of students. Ongoing professional development connects teachers with opportunities for professional growth throughout the school year and summer.


Community in Spirit, Community in Practice

DJDS is truly a community, both in spirit and in practice. Our community welcomes all Jewish children from homes where at least one parent is Jewish and celebrates a wide range of practice and belief. Our small class sizes mean that each student is well-known and is encouraged to explore their genuine interests. Students becomes agents of change early on through service learning programs that offer students a unique opportunity to consider their responsibility to make a positive difference in the world.

Building Character and Leadership; Achieving Success

At DJDS, students learn to make the world a better place. Jewish values are integrated into daily learning activities and instill confidence, thoughtfulness and compassion in each student. Distinctive community traditions and programs reinforce the importance of leading active, engaged and compassionate lives. Our graduates possess a moral mindfulness and commitment to social action, becoming change-makers with a passion for excellence, thriving in college and beyond.


Our Graduates


Graduates of DJDS go on to success both in the classroom and beyond, matriculating to top college and universities and succeeding in a variety of fields. Because foundation they receive at DJDS, our alumni thrive in college and beyond. They are knowledgeable, principled, effective, reflective and driven by a love of learning and guided moral compass that compels them to act ethically and purposefully in the world.




Why Jewish Day School?

The Bottom Line: Jewish day schools make a difference in the lives of students, families, the Jewish community and the larger society in which day-school graduates live and work. Read more about the inherent benefits of Jewish Day School here.