The Denver JDS Difference

A place that fosters learning and growth -- both academically and socially. A place that challenges children to be their best ... and supports them along the way. A place where they feel safe, confident and known. For hundreds of children in the greater metro area, Denver JDS is just that place.

Denver JDS students thrive in a rigorous and caring environment. In every grade from K-12, our staff of expert educators provides students with critical building blocks needed to achieve academic excellence. Our school is a community, steeped in the rich teachings of Jewish tradition and virtue. Every day, students find meaning, create friendships, and build character. Here, students enjoy small class sizes and the support of a close-knit community rooted in Jewish values. Our inquiry-based approach integrates rigorous college preparatory academics and Judaic education with an individualized and supportive environment that stimulates intellectual, spiritual, physical, and social success. Denver Jewish Day School goes above and beyond being a place to learn facts and figures. The lessons children garner here last well beyond their test-taking years.

Jewish Tradition, Ethics and Beliefs

Regardless of individual manner of Jewish practice, how we teach, how we learn, how we work, and how we treat each other are guided by middot (Jewish values), which inspire us to do better and reach our full potential as human beings and mensches (persons of integrity and honor)



We are a Jewish community that celebrates a diversity of Jewish practice and welcomes families who wish to learn together in a caring, supportive, inclusive and respectful environment both in the classroom and beyond. By creating a strong community centered around Jewish life, we are paving the way for vibrant and connected future generations of engaged Jews.


Academic Excellence

We are dedicated to offering an inquiry-based education that is equally innovative and outstanding in general and Judaic studies and challenges each student academically and intellectually. We also nurture their spiritual and emotional growth and push them to reach their fullest potential.


Personal Responsibility

It is our obligation to help our students develop into tomorrow’s leaders, mensches (persons of integrity and honor) who will make a positive impact on the Jewish community and the world in which they live. We are dedicated to educating students to think critically and act purposefully in the world, understanding how the choices they make impact not just themselves, but those around them.


Our Graduates

Graduates of DJDS go on to success both in the classroom and beyond, matriculating to top college and universities and succeeding in a variety of fields. Because foundation they receive at DJDS, our alumni thrive in college and beyond. They are knowledgeable, principled, effective, reflective and driven by a love of learning and guided moral compass that compels them to act ethically and purposefully in the world.


In Their Own Words

Don’t take our word for it. Visit our testimonial page learn more about the DJDS difference.


Why Jewish Day School?

The Bottom Line: Jewish day schools make a difference in the lives of students, families, the Jewish community and the larger society in which day-school graduates live and work. Read more about the inherent benefits of Jewish Day School here.